Walk in Stockholm

Gamla stan

Gamla stan, the Old Town, is the oldest part of Stockholm and here people have been walking for 750 years. In the beginning there was only rural area and water outside.

Our walk in Gamla stan

Our walk in Gamla stan begins at Sergels torg (yellow circle) and ends at Slussen (blue circle).

Map of our walk in Gamla stan

The photo below shows Sergels torg, where the walk begins.

Sergels torg in Stockholm

You start by walking Drottninggatan south.

Drottninggatan in Stockholm

After a while you will pass Riksdagshuset, where the Swedish Parliament is situated.

Riksdagshuset in Stockholm

Then you reach Stockholms slott, the Royal Palace, which is His Majesty The King's official residence. The palace was built in baroque style and is similar to the shape of a Roman palace.

Stockholms slott in Stockholm

Very close you will find Storkyrkan which is situated on the highest plateau of Gamla stan. Storkyrkan counts its history from the time of Birger Jarl in the 1300th Centuary.

Storkyrkan in Stockholm

At Köpmantorget on Österlånggatan in Gamla stan you will find the statue Sankt Göran och Draken. It is a copy in bronze of a similar statue in Storkyrkan which is in wood.

Statyn Sankt Göran och Draken i Gamla stan i Stockholm

The walk continues on Österlånggatan. Here you will find some galleries and also the restaurant Gyldene Freden where people have been eating and drinking for almost 300 years. It is considered the oldest restaurant in Sweden.

Österlånggatan in Gamla stan i Stockholm

Österlånggatan takes you to Järntorget. The square used to be a place of commerce since it is near the harbours in Mälaren and Saltsjön. Among other things iron was sold here for expert which gave the square its name.

At Järntorget you can have a cup of coffee at Sundbergs konditori from 1785.

Järntorget in Gamla stan i Stockholm

At Järntorget the famous tourist street Västerlånggatan takes its start. Here you will meet tourists from all corners of the world.

Västerlånggatan in Stockholm

Right in the beginning of Västerlånggatan you will find Mårten Trotzigs gränd which is the narrowest street in Stockholm. It got its name from the German merchant Mårten Traubtzich who bought houses in the alley in the end of the 1600th Centuary.

Mårten Trotzigs gränd in Stockholm

Stortorget is Stockholm's oldest square and the city of Stockholm originally grew from this place.

On Stortorget a horrible bloodbath took place in 1520. During four days in November the Danish king Christian II executed nearly 100 people from the Swedish noble families.

Stortorget in Stockholm

Riddarhuset is situated on the west side of Gamla stan. Many people consider it to be Stockholm's most beautiful building.

Riddarhuset in Stockholm

From Riddarhuset a small bridge leads to Riddarholmen which also is part of Stockholm's historic center. Riddarholmskyrkan is a well-known silhouette of Stockholm .

Riddarholmen and Riddarholmskyrkan in Stockholm

Our walk returns to Gamla stan and continues down any of the western streets, such as Little Nygatan. Walk across the water towards Slussen, where the walk ends. From here you can take the subway.

The photo below shows Södermalmstorg at Slussen and in the background you can see Katarinahissen, a public elevator.

Söermalmstorg at Slussen in Stockholm


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