Walk in Stockholm


Skeppsholmen is centrally located in Stockholm and we warmly recommend tourists and peiople living nearby to walk around Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen.

The picture below shows Kungsträdgården where our walk begins.

Kungsträdgården in Stockholm

Our walk in Skeppsholmen

Our walk starts at Kungsträdgården (yellow circle) and ends at Dramaten at Strandvägen (blue circle). When you stand in Kungsträdgården with Hamngatan behind your back, go straight down to the water and then follow the water to the left.

The walk takes about 1½ hours, but you will sure want to spend more time in making nice stops during the walk.

Map of our walk in Skeppsholmen

Ideas for the walk in Skeppsholmen

We want you to discover your own favourites, but we will to give you some ideas about the walk - things that we appreciate.

Kungsträdgården, where our walk begins, belongs to the heart of Stockholm and you absolutely have to visit this place. Why not spend a few minutes sitting by the fountain enjoying the atmosphere.

Fountain in Kungsträdgården i Stockholm

At the end of Kungsträdgården you will see Kungliga operan, the Royal Opera, on your right.

Kungliga operan, the Royal Opera, in Stockholm

After passing Kungsträdgården you will reach the water at Strömkajen. Here you will find the famous Grand Hotel. The flags on the roof shows the guests' nationalities.

Grand Hotel in Stockholm

A little bit further away you will find Nationalmuseum , which is Sweden's largest museum of art.

Nationalmuseum in Stockholm

You now arrive at Skeppsholmsbron, the bridge that takes you to Skeppsholmen.

Skeppsholmsbron in Stockholm

Our walk follows the water on the right side of Skeppsholmen. Right after the bridge you will see af Chapman, which is a considered to be the world's most famous hostel.

af Chapman on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm

On the other side of Skeppsholmen there is a bridge taking you Kastellholmen. We recommend you to explore this little island too.

Kastellholmen in Stockholm

Half way around Kastellholmen there is a marvelous view from the hills. Among other things you will see (and hear) Gröna Lund on Djurgården.

View from Kastellholmen

On the way back on Skeppsholmen you will see many boats on the right hand. Quite a few of the boats have a board telling the boat's history.

One of the boats with a special history is "Vive la Vie", which was built in 1950 in France. It has been transporting champagne to the English court and also cheese to Paris. Until it went straight into the Pont Neuf in Paris!

In 1997 "Vive la Vie" came to Sweden.

The boat Vive la Vie has an exciting history

When you have walked around Skeppsholmen and passed the bridge our walk continues to the right. Soon you will come to Nybrokajen with a beautiful view of Strandvägen.

Stranvägen in Stockholm

The walk ends outside Dramaten.

Dramaten in Stockholm


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