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Tourist in Stockholm

Being a tourist in Stockholm you will certainly need some information. We live in Stockholm and in these pages we want to share information, advice and inspiration and we hope it can be of some help for tourists.

Stockholm attractions

Are you interested in knowing more about Stockholm attractions? We present our favourites.

Stockholm attractions

Walk in Stockholm

Walk in Stockholm Our personal favourite is to explore Stockholm by walking. We would be happy to share some ideas for beautiful walks, and within the walks you will be presented to Stockholm attractions.

Walk in Gamla stan in Stockholm
Walk in Djurgården in Stockholm
Walk in Södermalm in Stockholm
Walk in Norrmälarstrand in Stockholm
Walk in Skeppsholmen in Stockholm

Accommodation in Stockholm

Even though we live only 35 kilometers from the city of Stockholm, we very much like staying once in a while in a hotel in the center of Stockholm. It is a welcome break to have this kind of "short vacation" in our own city.

In Stockholm we often choose to stay in a Scandic Hotell. I think we have soon tried all of them. Some favourites are:

Scandic Malmen in Södermalm
Scandic Hasselbacken in Djurgården


Public transport in Stockholm

Public transport in Stockholm usually work very well. Within central Stockholm the best way of traveling is by underground or by bus. Sometimes it is also possible to choose a boat or a tram.

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Public transport in Stockholm
Fares and tickets


Stockholm has three airports.


The main airport of Stockholm is Arlanda, situated 40 kilometers north of Stockholm.

You can go from Arlanda to Stockholm City in 20 minutes using Arlanda Express. There are two stations at the airport: Arlanda South under terminal 2, 3 and 4 och Arlanda North under terminal 5.

Airport coaches depart every 10:e minutes och take you to Stockholm City in 40 minutes.

Bromma airport

Bromma airport is situated less than 10 kilometers from Stockholm City.

Airport coaches take you to Stockholm city in 20 minutes.

Skavsta airport

Skavsta airport is situated 100 kilometers south of Stockholm. One of the airlines that run on Skavsta is the budget alternative Ryanair.

Airport coaches will take you to Stockholm city in one hour and 20 minutes.